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Innovation at WAFO

WAFO bi-metal cylinders for highest demands
Bi-metal cylinder
The WAFO company has in co-operation with different bodies responsible for technology, developed a

process controlled bi-metal centrifuging plant.

Through the use of a tried and tested line inductor, a carrier pipe is materially carefully heated up and in a second stage subjected to a high rotation rate. Through this so-called centrifugal swing, the embedded hard material alloy binds into a uniform diffusion zone with the carrier pipe. In combination with a thought out process technique a stress relieved end product results with regular qualities, as well as for the inside cladding as for the carrier material.

Bi-metal cylinder

According to the operation and application conditions different centrifuging alloys are developed. The carrier materials were foreseen beforehand with a safety coefficient of 1,2 with respect to the cylinder hardness and the high-temperature limit of elasticity.

For the armouring three material groups stand to Disposal:
WA-5 WA-77 WA-880
  • Fe-Ni-B
  • Abrasion Consistency
  • Hardness 60-65 (300 C)
  • Fe-Cr-Ni-B
  • Corrosion and Abrasion Consistency
  • Hardness 56-63 (300 C)
  • NI-Cr-WC-CO
  • Strong Abrasion and Corrosion Consistency
  • Hardness 52-58 (300 C)

Standard Terms and Conditions for the Sale and Production of Goods
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