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We supply double screw housings with wear resistant inserts

For double screw extruders WAFO supplies apart from the appropriate screw elements also housings, furnished with wear resistant inserts.

Matched for the usual extruder sizes they are available in different executions.

If a housing is already provided with an inside bush, so this is newly manufactured and fitted. Housings without inside bushings are prepare by us to receive them.

We supply wear resistant double screw housing
  • in nitrated steel and long-term gas nitrated or
  • from, HIP compound material, extremely wear resistant.
Inside bushes are optionally available
  • in, nitrate steel long-term gas nitrated,
  • in chromium steel, fully hardened or
  • produced on powder metallurgy basis.
For the regeneration of worn-out nitrated steel housings, we also offer in addition the possibility of armouring the bore hole with a base material similar material, rework and finally to nitrate again. As the welding material has a higher basic hardness, as well as through the additional nitrating a higher endurance time results as with the basic version.

Cylinder elements of a double screw extruder with fitted, wear resistant inside bush double screw cylinder element

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