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We manufacture conical double screw cylinders in wear protected execution

Double screw cylinder
A speciality of WAFO are the wear protected cylinders for conical double screw extruder.
For the manufacture of the mostly in three segments divided, conical wear protected cylinders, we use a special material found after many experiments. After the mechanical processing, we treat the cylinder segments in a diffusion hardening process, that works almost non-warping.

We have modified this procedure and/or the combination of suitable material and heat treatment with our know how so that optimal circumstances result.

For optimal endurance also for conical double screw extruders:
the wear resistant execution from WAFO.

This is how you receive a double screw cylinder, which has with respect to a nitrated cylinder approx. the double endurance time, which costs though only 15 to 20 percent more. In this case, the efficiency question is already answered when taking the purchasing decision.

Your additional advantage is the extended endurance. With the wear protected cylinder you can operate your extruder longer at rated output and without wear-conditional throughput losses. Through this, your production costs are lowered and your competitive capacity improves.

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