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The WAFO special armouring

The WAFO pioneer work done 30 years ago concerning hard face armouring has been adopted in the course of the years worldwide.

The materials used by us, the stellites, have proven themselves thousands of times by WAFO reprocessed screws.

But nothing is so good, that it could not be improved. Our answer to this challenge reads: WT 50. This armouring material leads in specific cases to even better results. With WT 50 it is a question of an armouring material adapted especially by WAFO.
Special armouring
This material consists of a very hard and therefore very wear resistant inter metallic compound, which is embedded into a soft nickel matrix. This alloy has the property of performing over a wide temperature range with outstanding glide qualities, with very good corrosion and wear features.

The hardness lies at about 50 HRC. Furthermore, we employ as an improvement to this still our armouring material WT 60.

In this case it is a question of a cobalt basis material with the same qualities as our WT 50, however with a hardness of approx. 58 HRC.

By means of a special plasma welding plant, it is possible for us, to apply high wear resistant armouring with Ni-Cr-matrix and a high portion of extremely hard Wolfram carbide on screws.

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