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We regenerate worn-out screws and cylinders

Screws or cylinders which have reached their wear boundary appertain in the hands of WAFO. We have 25 years experience in regenerating worn out parts.

In the case of screws, we firstly remove the worn-out basic material. Then new helical threads are developed by task welding of a specific, high wear resistant armouring alloy. For specific cases it is also possible To armour the screw core as well as the flanks. By subsequent adjustments, grinding and polishing the screw receives its final geometry. In this way, it is better protected against wear than usual, new, nitrated screws.

The armouring is mostly more economical than a new screw. And - a determining advantage is the improved endurance.

If screw and cylinder is simultaneously regenerated, the possibility exists in the case of cylinders of nitrated steel of curing and subsequently doing intense nitrating.

The increased cylinder diameter due to the curing, is taken up by use through the regeneration of the screw, screw and cylinder fit together again afterwards.

For bushing we drill out the worn-out cylinders. Using a method developed by us, we insert a wear resistant bush which is - firm and twist secure. The cylinders receives again its initial diameter, and you can as up to now employ a screw with original diameters.

As material for the bush there is the choice of chromium steel, particularly wear resistant and corrosion-resistant powder metallurgical materials or bi-metals all standing to disposal.

WAFO-System Technology

Screw regeneration in 4 weeks
The 4 aces of WAFO
Highest quality Short delivery times
  • reproducible armour plating with PTA automatic welders
  • multiplayer system armouring
  • Collection and delivery through are own lorries
  • down time of your machine as agreed upon, therefore no substitute armaments necessary
Low Prices Optimal service
  • High degrees of automation in the manufacturing
  • free wear and material analysis
  • comprehensive customer support
PTA welding

WAFO-System Technology

The answer from WAFO with screw wear
Since 1997 we have a modern screw service centre, to enable screw regenerations with increase in value through abrasion resistant top surface armouring in the shortest processing time.
For the welding process we use a CNC controlled plasma powder welding plant (PTA) of the newest aggregate generation. The process allows qualitative high quality and reproducible top surface, flanks and full armouring.
The mechanical processing of the renewed screws occurs partially on self- developed machines.

WAFO screw armouring material
Qualities Material Type
St 6 St 12 St 1 Colmonoy 56 WP 88
Delivery Co-Cr-W Co-Cr-W Co-Cr-W Ni-Cr NiCr+WC
Hardness of the armouring HRC 38-42 43-49 48-55 48-53 56-60
abrasive resistance * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
corrosion resistance * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Relative abrasion with pairing:
Screw St 6 St 12 St 1 Colmonoy 56 Colmonoy 56 WP 88
Cylinder WA5 WA5 WA5 WA77 WA880 WA880
Screw * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Cylinder * * * * * * * * *

Further armouring materials and special surfaces on request!
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